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FineSoccer Drill 5 - Team Defense

As a warm up to this team defense series, you can have the team start in groups of two with one ball per group. Have the player with the ball start on one sideline and dribble all of the way to the other sideline working on various moves as they go along. The second player would be working on a proper defensive stance with their feet constantly moving and feinting as if they are going to go in for a tackle. At no point should the defender actually try to win the ball. When the player with the ball gets to the far sideline, they switch and now she works on her defensive footwork and the other player works on moves.

Next the player with the ball dribbles at the defender just like before but now when the coach yells "switch" the player with the ball steps back into a defensive position and the other player becomes the attacker. This does a good job of working on quick transition from offense to defense and is a great way to warm up for the team defense series..

The first progression in this series requires 6 players split in teams of two. The field is 15 yards wide and 25 yards long. and 3 players are on offense as set up like the X's in the diagram below and three like the O's on defense.

In the beginning, the X's are stationary and pass the ball back and forth taking three touches. When the ball is in the center, the defense needs to adjust like the diagram below:

which will allow the first defender to pressure the ball and the two outside defenders to take on the role of the second defender and offer support. the X's are NOT permitted to go forward but they want to take their touches as quickly as possible in order to make the defense move quickly.

When the ball goes to the outside players, the defenders adjust accordingly as seen in the diagrams below:

After the defenders work hard for 2 minutes, they should switch with the offense and take on the other roles.

Once the players are confident in their movements, the next step is say that after 5 passes, the offensive players may leave their positions and try to get the ball from one side of the field to the other. The defense is still not allowed to try to win the ball and the only thing they can do is maintain proper positioning to prevent the attackers from getting to their intended point.

Next the players can go live with the offense doing anything they want to get across the end line and the defenders allowed to win the ball.

There are a lot of other variations that can be built into this such as putting a keeper on the far end line and having them work on communication by telling the defenders what to do. Also, while working on communication, you can have the keepers be the intended target of the offensive players. In order to get a point, they must chip the ball into the keepers hands (besides working on communication and chipping, this also will force the defense to get the players heads down so they can't find the keeper).

Be creative and this can be an entire training session or you can use the rest of the drills in this progression.

For the next step in this progression, see Team Defense 2.

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