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FineSoccer Drill 35 - Conditioning

Here is another easy drill that actually can be done with or without a ball. The reason I recommend that it be done without a ball is that the players can be "pushed" to go faster and their skills won't allow them to slow down.

This can be done with three players (or multiples of threes). Two players stand 10 yards apart and rest. The third player is the worker and runs figure 8's around the two resters (see diagram below)

Some of the keys to this conditioning drill is to get the worker to touch the ground directly behind the resters feet and then explode as they turn the corner. Really emphasize that it's important to stay low as you turn (since the lower a player gets while changing directions in soccer, the quicker she will be able to accelerate. It's not until the runner is in the middle of the run should she be upright if even then. Also, make sure the run is done as a figure 8 and not as a circle or else they will only be turning in one direction.

Each runner should do this for a one minute period and then one of the resters starts her run. If each person does this 5 times they will get a nice little work out while only taking 15 minutes with each person getting a 1:2 work to rest ratio. When one person ends her run, the next person starts hers which allows for no time in transition.

If you alternate between this drill, Drill 33 and Drill 34, you will get a team working hard without wasting a lot of time doing wasted running.

Do these drills and have the players work hard in their other drills and they should be fine when it comes to conditioning.

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