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FineSoccer Drill 28 - Individual Training

This is the first in a series of three drills that deal with working on individual skills. Too many coaches overlook the technical side of the game and don't seem to understand that without being able to utilize proper technique under pressure, they won't be able to do much in terms of tactics.

Every training session should have start with some type of skill work even if it's only done as a warm up drill. This is one of my favorite drills to do whether working with an individual or with an entire team.

Have a server be at a specific spot and their should be two more cones the first one 5 yards away and then next one 3 yards away. (see diagram below)

Start with the server playing the ball to the player as she gets besides the middle cone (the cone closest to the server). The player will one touch the ball back to the server and then spring BACKWARDS around the back cone and then forward to the other side of the front cone for another serve. This should be done at full speed for a one minute period. If there is only one player, they can do one minute of work and then 30 seconds of a break. Start with balls on the ground and then serve for volleys, thigh traps volley backs, then chest traps volley backs, then chest head backs and then headers. There are a number of other variations such as two touch passing etc.

While this is excellent conditioning, if you are doing this with an entire team, you can have them go in groups of threes. One player serves the ball, the second player does the work and the third player is behind the server doing conditioning (one minute of ab work, lunges etc). This is a great way to start a teams training session off to get a lot of touches on the ball, get some conditioning and also get an intense training session going right away.

Over the years, I would guess that I have done this series of drill more then any other soccer drills between individual training sessions and team practices.

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