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FineSoccer Drill 167 - Offensive and Defensive Spacing

Here is an interesting activity that works on spreading the field offensively while also staying compressed defensively.

Break the field into three sections as shown in the diagram below. The size of the field will depend upon the numbers of players available but the bigger the better.

The basic rule is that the offensive team must have at least one player in all three sections of the field at all times. It's not a case of a designated player staying wide but rather players must be aware at all times to see if there is a player wide on each side and if not, than they must cover the space. At the same time that the offensive team must be spread out, the defensive team must stay compact. The rule for the defense is that when the ball is in the middle zone, all defenders must be in the middle zone. If the ball is in a wide zone, defenders can be in the middle zone and that wide zone. See the two diagrams below for examples (X's have the ball)

There has to be a short period of time for players to shift properly and as an example of a coach wanting the players to play the game rather than do a drill, if an outside player makes a run to get to a cross and in doing so scores a goal BUT leaves the outside zone open, the goal counts because you want them to understand the benefits of doing things the right way.

This game is an excellent way to teach spacing and balance both offensively and defensively.

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