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FineSoccer Drill 148 - Dribbling Games

Here are two fun dribbling games that work on change of pace, change of direction close control and as a bonus, they are lots of fun.

The first game is a simple game of follow the leader. There can be as few as 2 players or as many as 10 involved in this game. Every player has a ball and one player is designated as the leader. Whatever the leader does or goes, the others must follow. So if the leader does a scissors move, everyone following her must do a scissors move as well. If the leader goes faster or changes directions the others must do the same. In the beginning, this game could be used as a warm up but it could also be turned into a competition where there are two players involved and any time the "follower" is more than 5 yards away from the leader, the leader gets a point (also if the follower doesn't do a move that the leader does, it's a point for the leader). Each player gets to be the leader for a two minute period and the player with the most points wins (a coach or another player will have to be the "judge" in order to determine whether the 5 yard distance is exceeded).

The second game is tag. This game has groups of 2's and each player has a ball. They start 2 yards apart and the player who is initially designated as "it" tries to tag the other player. Each player must keep their ball within 2 yards and in order to tag the other player, the ball must be within 1 yard of the "it" player. Once a player has been tagged, the players switch roles. There does have to be a confined area for this game to prevent players from simply dribbling in a straight line but this area can be as large as the 18 yard box.

The great thing about these two games is that players will work on changing direction and pace and do various moves without being "forced" to so they will learn not only to change pace and direction but they will also experience how doing this works.

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