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FineSoccer Drill 125 - Offensive and Defensive Headers

Here is a fun activity that works on offensive and defensive headers.

Start with groups of three with one ball per group in a 20 x 5 area. One player is in the middle with the ball and the other two are on the ends of the grid. See diagram below for an example.

Player one has the ball and throws the ball to player 2's head (using a proper throw in). Player 2 has to head the ball up and over Player 1's head who is running right at her and tries to head the ball to Player 3. Player 2 has to sprint to the center line because Player 3 is trying to head the ball down and across the center line before Player 2 can get their and make the save (the player in the middle gets to take on the role of the goal keeper so she can use her hands to make the save. See diagram below for an idea of the movement.

This activity works on defensive headers (up and over oncoming players), attacking headers (heading down to make it difficult to make the save), throw ins and defending (you can choose to allow the defender to use their hands or not).

Not only does this work on some invaluable skills, but the players will have fun while doing so. Turn this into a competition and you will see some great results

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