AYSO Region 104


Action Photos from Mountain Shadows

So Many Memories, So Few Pictures

Don't you wish you had great photos of your kids playing soccer?

Of course you do! So some days you catch a picture on your iPhone, other days you haul out the big digital SLR, but most of the time you just watch and cheer. And let's face it, most of the pictures you get just aren't that great.

So you look around and see Sally's mom on your team diligently clicking away on her camera, and you think, "Ok, maybe I can get some pictures from her." Maybe that works out for you...and maybe not.

Then Sally's mom turns to you and says, "Oh man! What just happened? I was so busy taking pictures of Sally, that I missed the only goal of the game."

So, what's a parent to do? How can you get really great pictures like the ones on this page?

I know! Let's turn it over to the professionals.

Introducing the Action Team

Our friends at Mountain Shadows (you know, the ones who take the team and individual photos each year) have created the "Action Team" to take pictures of our players in action in their games. So, if you see photographers wearing bright orange vests, that's who they are.

They will take wonderful action pictures of our games and make them available for you. They may catch you child doing something amazing or something silly, but either way, the pictures will make you smile.

"Cool!" you say. "But how do I see the pictures they took?"

Mountain Shadows has set up a special website for us to see all the action pictures they take organized by team. So go to the Action Photos website and look for your team number.

When you find photos you like, you can purchase prints through the website. A generous portion of the profits go to Region 104 to support the VIP program that gives our special needs players an opportunity to play soccer.

Our hope is that our families will look forward to seeing the action pics taken by top notch photographers and they will become as much a tradition as the Team Pictures.