AYSO Region 104


Meltdown Tournament February 8 &9

A Fun Tournament for Everyone

For over 20 years, AYSO has offered an opportunity for teams to compete in a fun friendly tournament at the start of the spring season. We call the tournament the Meltdown. The Meltdown has always been open to primary core teams, EXTRA teams, ACT teams, and Challenge teams as well as club teams from other organizations. In addition, the Meltdown includes a "Funfest" for teams as young as U7.

The tournament format for the older teams will follow "club" format including number of players and the use of free substitutions. But the Funfest will follow AYSO format with 5-a-side games at U7 and U8 and 7-a-side games at U9 and U10.

The Meltdown Funfest will give younger teams a chance to play, have fun, compete, and get in three or four games before the season starts. It will be a great opportunity for fun and player development. Come join us for this exciting event!

The Tournament and Funfest will be held at the beautiful State Tournament Soccer Complex in Bernalillo. The entry fee for the Funfest is only $90 per team, and the Meltdown is $175 per team. See all the details on the Meltdown page.