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Lost and Found

Every weekend that we play, stuff gets left at the fields. Usually a coach or parent from one of the later games picks it up and says, "Hmmm.I wonder who this belongs to."

Here we have a place to try to reunite lost and found items. If you've lost something and you want to try to find it or you've found something and are looking for the owner, place a comment here describing the item. You should probably post an e-mail address, phone number, or some other way to contact you in your message.

Once the lost and found items have been reunited, please e-mail the webmaster, so they can be removed from the list.

Lost Items (6)

  • Black callaway backpack with pink soccer socks and girl size 10 soccer shoes left at the North Domingo Park. Please call Rhonda or Vince at 892-2489.
  • Sounds silly, but...my kids lost a pair of shoes (small men's size, brown closed toe sandals) and a kids sized pair of gloves (they say FOX on them and are black).

    This was this past Saturday (the 26th) at Jeanne Bellamah park.

    You can call me at 679-7148.

    Thank you.
  • Lost U8 game ball at Loma del Norte park. Has Team #10811 written on it.

    Coaches - Please check to see if it might have accidently found its way into your ball bag or gone home with one of your players. Thanks!
  • Lost a Lobo soccer ball with signatures.
    Lost on Saturday 9/21 at Jeanne Bellamah park sometime between 1 and 3.

    If you found it, please call John at 280-4339.
  • On October 20, 2012 at the 1:40pm U10 boys game at Conchas Park, my son lost a red/black soccer ball with the name Isaac Garcia written on it. If found, contact Angel Garcia at angelpg@hotmail.com or call her cell phone at 505-681-9061.
  • Lost a black Vizari size 3 soccer ball with a green Tyrannosaurus Rex on it. The name "Sylas Corp" is written on the ball. Lost on October 27, 2012 at Altura Park where the U5 boys play.

    Please call Tatiana at 400-4379 or email me at tatianaengelmann@yahoo.com.


Found Items (7)

  • Found a white ball bag with 3 balls at Conchas park. Found on 10/4/2014. 2 balls say "British soccer" and then 1 Blau and gray ball....
  • September 27 at 5:00 PM
    Found Ref Backpack at Montgomery Park

    Contact Kelvin.schenk@gmail.com
  • Found AYSO tournament game coin on El Oso Grande East Field.

    Contact Eric at carbonnke@gmail.com or come to the field. I'm with team 11206.

    Please be able to describe in order to claim.
  • Found March 16, 2013 @ Grant Middle School middle field;
    A size 3 Franklin ball white with pink and black markings.

    Contact: dcaruso@rmkmarch.com to claim.
  • Charm bracelet. 3-23-13. Comanche Park (Comanche/Palo Duro near Ferguson Library and city pool). Visitors' south side area.

    Tad Berlin 237-9273 h; 450-5057 c.; tadberlin@aol.com
  • Found April 21, 2012, a ball at Heritage Hills Park. Respond by email to tpswiler@msn.com to identify and claim.
  • Found White canvass bag with a jacket, sandals and shirt. At Bernalillo Soccer Complex in February. Just figured out how to post items

    Also found black longsleeve shirt. It is the type that wicks moisture away to keep you dry.

    Conact Rick at rickjohnsonabq@yahoo.com 505-382-3854

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