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FineSoccer Drill 13 - Defensive Games

Here is a simple game that emphasizes defensive intensity at the same time working on attacking soccer. Set up the field as shown in the diagram below with one big goal and two small goals.

Break the team into two even teams with one team going to the big goal and the other team going to the two small goals (the small goals are only 2 yards wide). Inevitably, the players will want to be attacking the big goal so the rules are quite simple. If team A starts off attacking the small goals and they score a goal, then they keep the ball and change direction so that they get to attack the big goal. This gives the team attacking the big goal an incentive to make sure they never get scored upon since they will not want to be "punished by making them have to defend the big goal.

You can put in the rule that if you score on the big goal, that gives you a free pass so that if you score two goals on the big goal and then get scored upon, they can still keep attacking the big goal since they can use this free pass to offset the goal.

Another option is to put a time limit on the game. Whichever team is attacking the big goal at the end of the time period, wins. If it's a 10 minute game, then whichever team has earned the right to attack the big goal is the winner. To be fair, you should play two games like this since this will allow both teams the right to start attacking the goal in the beginning of the game. This restriction will force the team attacking the big goal to really play hard to keep this right to attack the big goal and will also will work on possession as it will be in this team's best interest to keep possession of the ball unless a great scoring opportunity arises.

There are numerous other variations of this drill but as you can see, it will allow you to work on defensive intensity as well as building on the competitiveness of all of the players.

The next drill will show you how to work on high pressure and low pressure defense while again working on attacking skills as well.

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