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FineSoccer Drill 12 - Developing Patterns in the Attack

It's really not right to call this a drill but rather just another game. The idea is to simply play a regular small sided game of soccer with keepers and everything else being normal. The one rule (other than normal soccer rules) is that anytime a regular goal is scored, it counts as 2 points and anytime any pattern (or really any combination play involving three players) occurs, it counts as 1 point.

If a goal is scored off of a pattern or combination play, then it counts as 5 points.

One way to encourage these combination plays is to have a white team and a red team and then have two neutral blue players who are always on offense. In other words, when white has the ball, blue is on the white team and when red has the ball, blue is on the red team. This will allow the attacking team to always outnumber the defensive team which should make it easier to do things.

As it gets easier, get rid of the neutral players by assigning one to each team.

I end most of my training sessions with some type of game like this which encourages players to try to implement the learned tactic or technique into a competitive situation. If I end a progression without mentioning this, you should assume it's implied because the truth is that most player want to scrimmage during a training session and this allows them to scrimmage while staying within a theme of practice.

At the very end of practice, if there is time, lift all rules other then normal soccer and let them play. Make this a reward for working hard during the training session and you will find them staying a bit more focused knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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