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FineSoccer Drill 11 - Developing Patterns in the Attack

If you haven't read FineSoccer Drill 10 you will NOT understand this next step in the progression. Please take a loook at FineSoccer Drill 10 if you need a reminder.

The next step in the progression is to take these same patterns and have them going to goal. The ideal number for this drill is 12 field players and 2 keepers but it can be adjusted to most any number. Set the 12 players up as shown in the diagram below:

Players 1, 2 and 3 do the exact same pattern as was shown in the previous pattern. 1 passes to 2 then 2 passes to 3 who has checked back to the ball. 2 then overlaps around 3 and 3 plays the ball back to 1 who now finds 2 on the overlap (if you have no idea what I am talking about, click here for a review of the pattern). When player 2 receives the ball on the overlap, she takes it down to the end line and crosses the ball back out to players 9 and 10 who are making near post runs. Once this pattern is over, player 4 steps on the field to give 2 a break, 3 goes to where 1 was and 1 goes to where 2 was.

As soon as player 2 receives the ball on the overlap, the exact same pattern starts on the left side with 5 passing to 6, 6 passing to 7 who has checked back to the ball and 6 overlapping around 7. 7 plays the ball back to 5 who now finds 6 on the overlap. 6 takes the ball to the end line and crosses back to 11 and 12. Then 8 steps on the field to give 6 a rest and the players rotate and continue.

After a certain period of time (I frequently do this for 4 minutes at full speed), the middle group (9,10,11,12) goes to the right side, the right group (1,2,3,4) goes to the left and the left group (5,6,7,8) goes to the middle.

This can be turned into a competition where a group gets a point for every goal scored on their serve or that they finish themselves. This gives everyone the incentive to try to be successful on every scoring attempt.

The next step would be to use the second pattern as shown on the previous page, everything except for the pattern works the same way.

While there isn't an age limit for this drill, it does require players being able to pass accurately, move quickly and cross and finish crosses. There is a need for a lot of balls since there is not time to constantly be getting them back to the middle of the field.

With a talented group, this is an extremely fast moving and fun drill that challenges them to do a lot of things well and at speed. Give it a try

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