AYSO Region 104


FineSoccer Drill 175 - Soccer Tennis

Today’s featured activity is a fun game that works on first touch, passing and receiving.

Soccer Tennis is a fun game that can be played on a field, in a gym, on a tennis court or on a closed parking lot. There are many variations and rules can be changed depending on the environment.

To play Soccer Tennis on a tennis court you can either use a full court or just the service boxes of a tennis court. If you just use the service boxes and are playing with 2 players, one person serves from beyond the service box and has to volley or half volley the ball into the opposite service box. If the ball bounces in the opposite service box the opposing player has two touches to receive the ball and play it back across the net into either of the service boxes without the ball touching the ground on her side a second time. If it touches the ground a second time it’s a point for the server. If the receiver of the serve gets the ball back across the net, the server can either let it bounce one time or play it straight out of the air back across the net. The rest of the rules are just like tennis except that the players have two touches to play the ball instead of just one. You can keep score just like tennis, like table tennis or like volleyball.

To play with 4 players, you now play doubles. Everything stays the same except now when the ball is played over the net, either player can play it back over or they can pass to their teammate. Each team is still limited to two touches total per possession.

To play on a field on in a gym use a bench to act as the net or some bags and with some cones establish the boundaries. It’s a bit harder on a field because of the irregular bounces but this just makes the players work a bit harder.

To play on a parking lot first make sure there are no cars and then you can either use a bench, bags or even the lines from the parking lot. It’s best if you have a ref and put in a rule that the ball has to cross over the “net” at a certain height (waist high for example) but everything else stays the same.

The great thing about Soccer Tennis is players love the game and play it because it’s fun without realizing the number of touches they are getting on the ball and how they are working on passing, receiving balls in the air, footwork and in doubles, support off the ball.

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