AYSO Region 104


FineSoccer Drill 98 - Combinations and Finishing

Here are some excellent ways to work on combinations and finishing as well as chopping balls (chopping means to sharply play back away from goal) and goalkeeping

The first activity involves a three person combination with a pass, takeover, hard push and a chop back to a shot. Player A passes the ball to Player B who then executes a takeover with Player C. Player C then takes a hard touch down the line and chops the ball back for Player B to finish. They rotate with A going to B and B going to C and a new player coming on for A. See diagram below

Next is a similar combination with a double pass. Player B checks back to the ball and receives a soft pass from Player A Player A then gets closer to B and B passes the ball back to A and then spins off for a double pass. B then chops the ball back to C for the shot. See diagram below

Next Player B checks back for the ball just like he did in the previous exercise and then plays the ball back to Player A. Player C makes a diagonal run to the corner receives the ball and chops the ball back to Player for the first time shot. See diagram below

There are many other options that are available using this type of configuration. The only limitation is your mind

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