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FineSoccer Drill 80 - Passing and Receiving

Here is a simple activity to set up to work on passing, receiving and conditioning.

Two players start approximately 20 yards apart and Player A passes the ball to Player B. As soon as Player A passes the ball to Player B, she sprints BACKWARDS away from the ball. Player B sprints forward to get to the ball and plays the ball first time back to Player A The key is that after each pass, there is a HARD 5 yard sprint BACKWARDS and when the ball is played to a player, she then sprints FORWARD to meet the ball. Do this for two minutes hard and you will really have to concentrate to keep the ball in play (the burning of the legs will be a nice reminder).

Next, do the same thing except now take two touches. The first touch should take the ball to the side and the next touch should be a hard driven ball. Again, once the ball is played, sprint back away from the pass. Also, once a ball is played the other player should sprint to the ball to receive it as soon as possible.

If the inside of the foot was used to receive the balls in the previous exercise, next use the outside of the foot. Everything else still applies.

There are numerous variations that can be added to this activity such as chips, turns etc. The key is going to be to make sure the players are stretched properly (if not, there can be so problems with pulls and cramping of the legs) and to have them work as hard as they can at all times. Give ample time to rest between sets.

Going to meet the ball is one of the biggest problems in youth soccer. This simple exercise works on doing this over and over again which will help to make it a (good) habit. Emphasize to your players that they must go and meet the ball but right before the ball gets to them, they must slow down in order to control the ball properly. Have them alternate feet for each of the passes and receptions.

Do this exercise 2-3 times a week over the course of an entire season and I believe you will see a noticeable improvement in your teams passing and receiving (it should only take 12 minutes per session or so).

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