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FineSoccer Drill 130 - Passing

Here is a good way to work on passing (both in terms of accuracy and proper pacing of the pass).

This requires a group of 5 players in a grid that is 10 x 10. There are 2 balls and 4 of the players are in the corners and the other player is in the middle. The balls are with players who are in opposite corners from each other. See the diagram below for the basic set up and pattern

Players 1 and 3 have the ball. Player 3 starts by passing the ball to 5 who then passes to 4. As soon as 4 passes to 4, 1 passes to 5 who then passes to 2. The ball keeps moving in this pattern.

Each player should get a turn in the middle for approximately 1 minute. The second time in the middle, they do it again but this time, when the coach says "switch" they change directions so that instead of 3 passing to 5 who passes to 4, this time, 4 would pass to 5 who then passes to 3. This will make the players in the middle (and outside) think.

The emphasis during this activity should be on passing to the correct foot so that all passes are one touch (using the diagram above, when 5 passes to 4, it would be to 4's left foot and when 3 passes to 5 it would be to 5's right foot). Also, it's important that the passes be hit with the correct pace in order to keep the pattern going one touch.

The player in the middle has to concentrate on moving constantly to get her body opened up so she can be facing the correct direction for each pass and be able to receive the ball with the correct foot at all times.

Give this a try and you will find that while it seems quite simple, it's a lot harder that you think to do it properly.

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