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FineSoccer Drill 84 - Goalkeeping

Here is a goalkeeping activity that works on deflections, conditioning, shot blocking, angles and footwork. It does require a minimum of two keepers and two servers but optimally, you would have 3 keepers and 1 server.

Start with a full sized goal and then two other goals made up of cones or flags. These two other goals (goals 1 and 2 in the diagram below) are on angles. A server is stationed 10 yards from Goals 1 and 2 with six balls each (if there are three keepers one of the servers should be the resting keeper).

Keeper A is responsible for shots on Goal 1 and Keeper B is responsible for shots on Goal 1. When the server is shooting on Goal 1, Keeper A tries to save those shots while Keeper B is trying to keep any deflections out of Goal 3 (the full goal). As soon as this shot is done, the other server gets ready to shoot and now Keeper B is responsible for Goal 2 while Keeper A slides back into the big goal. This goes on till all 12 shots have been hit. If there are three keepers, Keeper B would go shoot and the resting Keeper (Keeper C) would go where Keeper A has been and Keeper A would replace Keeper B.

Not only is this an excellent activity for working on shot blocking and deflections, but it's a good conditioning exercise and also is working on developing good footwork even though the keepers don't necessarily realize this. When they are cutting off an angle similar to what they are doing from the server in this activity and then all of a sudden the ball gets played across, there is a tendency for keepers to sprint straight across but the truth is that this is the wrong approach. Instead they need to bend their runs back to the goal (in a U shape almost) and this exercise gets the keeper in the habit of going back towards the goal before trying to cut off the angle on a ball that has been switched.

This is also a good way for field players to work on hitting free kicks because they can try to bend balls around the first goal and into the second goal. Or they can work on shooting low and trying to score in both goals on the same shot.

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