AYSO Region 104


FineSoccer Drill 166 - Passing, Receiving, and Communication

Here is a simple passing game that works on passing, receiving, movement, vision and communication.

Assuming there are 12 players involved in this activity (more or less will work), have the players start in 4 groups spread out in the 4 corners of a square (see diagram below)

The first player in lines 1 and 3 start with a ball. Line 1 passes to Line 2 and then sprints to the back of Line 2. Line 2 passes (one touch) back to Line 1 and sprints to the back of Line 1. At the same time that this is taking place, Lines 3 and 4 work together passing one touch and switching lines. See diagram below for an example of the movement

By having the criss-crossing runs and passes, it forces the players to keep their heads up and think in terms of proper pacing of passes and changing speeds in their runs in order to not hit a player with a pass (or not to get hit with a pass).

Next we add a third ball which gets passed around the back of the square. The ball gets passed from the last person in Line 1 to the last person in Line 3. While the pass goes clockwise, the person who passes the ball goes counter clockwise. This continues around the back of the lines of the square. See diagram below

The only way for this to work is for all players to concentrate and communicate and keep their heads up at all times. It takes some practice to get this to work but really does work on concentration, passing, receiving, communication and movement

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