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FineSoccer Drill 33 - Conditioning

When people ask me about what type of conditioning program I recommend for soccer players, inevitably I start telling them about plyometrics. I am NOT an expert on plyometrics in any way but what I do know about them is that the players who do them seriously and correctly, tend to have a better first step, jump higher and also are less prone to knee injuries. I recommend that people do this particular set of plyometrics three times a week with 48 hours between each time. One of the neat things about this program is that unlike many other programs, nothing is needed except for a line between 18-20 yards long. It is more important to do each of these things correctly then to do a lot of them. In other words, start slow and do them correctly rather then rushing through them.

Plyometric Program

  1. Slalom jumps back and forth down the line. Small quick jumps
  2. Knees to chest maximum height jumping down the line.
  3. Facing the line, jumping back and forth doing as many as possible moving quickly down the line.
  4. Same as #3 but facing other direction.
  5. Hop on right foot going down the line. Go for maximum height
  6. Same as #5 but hop on other foot.
  7. Long jump down the line. Go for maximum distance. Feet must stay together the whole time
  8. Lunge walk down the line
  9. Slalom run. Long stride, arc and jump. Must be fluid.
  10. Sprint to end of line and back.

Use a line 18 yards long.

Do 5 sets of the 10 exercises.

After each exercise except the sprint jog back to the beginning.

Feel free to take a one minute break between each set of plyometrics (each set, NOT each exercise)

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