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FineSoccer Drill 85 - More Passing and Penetration

Here is an excellent exercise to work on possession, penetration, finding a target player and being organized defensively.

Many people play various types of 4 goals games but this one has a couple a couple of different twists to it.

This is best as a 7 v 7 game. Set up the field to go across the entire width of a soccer field. The length of the field is from the 18 yard box to the midfield line. The goals are from the corner of the 18 to the side line (this is assuming it's a full sized field of at least 68 yards wide) See diagram below for the set up

In this diagram, the O's are attacking the two lower goals and the X's are attacking the two upper goals. In order to score a goal, the teams must dribble through one of the goals they are attacking.

So far there is not much difference with the way that most teams play their four goal games. However, one of the differences is going to be that each player on each team is numbered from 1-7. The first time X's are on defense, the player assigned to number 1 must take a knee (meaning assuming a kneeling position) while her team defends. This forces the defense to be more organized since they are a player down. They will be forced to try to keep the play on one side of the field in order to avoid constantly chasing the ball and the open players, which is one of the purposes of the activity. Then, when the X's win the ball, they must get the ball to the Player who had been kneeling before they can get to goal (this player might represent a target player up front or possibly a central midfielder who has most of the attack go through him). While they are doing this, O's number 1 must take a knee. All of a sudden, you can see where this will force a great deal communication to make sure the right players are marking up, the right players are getting into the attack and the right players are being found early in the attack. The next time the X's lose the ball, player number 2 takes a knee and so on.

Other options you can throw into this would include having a neutral player who is full time offense. This means that whichever team has the ball the neutral player is on that team and they will then be up two players. Since the attacking team always is numbers up they should be able to maintain possession and also look to penetrate on almost every touch.

Other options include putting a rectangle in the middle of the playing area to limit the touches in the middle of the field to either one or two touches. By doing this, you encourage better spacing offensively.

There are many. many other options that could be put in depending upon what exactly you are looking to work on.

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