AYSO Region 104


FineSoccer Drill 114 - Transition through Shadow Training

Today's activity works on making the transition from offense to defense and then back to offense in the defensive half of the field.

Start with all 10 field players on the starting team within 10 yards of midfield and the keeper in goal. A server (the coach) should be in the center circle with a number of soccer balls (see diagram below for set up).

The server plays a long ball and the X's have to quickly organize themselves to win the ball and then work the ball back down the field (this is a form of shadow play but done from an unusual starting point). This is good preparation for when a team is dispossessed in midfield and the opponent plays a long ball over the top. Rather than having all players go to the ball, they would work on getting into good supporting position as well.

Once they are able to make this quick transition effectively, the coach could then add a couple of opponents who start just on the other side of the center circle. As soon as the ball is played by the server, these opponents are live to try to pressure and win the ball. Start with three opposing players and gradually build up to 11 v 11 if the numbers are available.

This is a great way to work on transition, support, communication (especially from the keeper), conditioning and much, much more.

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