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FineSoccer Drill 40 - Transition

This is one of the more complicated drills I do but it is an extremely effective drill that with patience, can be quite effective.

A minimum of 12 players is needed for this although it is best with 16 including 2 keepers. The field should be 70-80 yards with two goals. Start with two red defenders defending one goal and two white defenders defending the other goal. Then add three attackers from the white team in the middle of the field with a ball. All of the other players should be on their respective sides of the field near the middle (see diagram below)

The three white attackers go to goal and try to get a shot hit. If the red defenders win the ball, then they quickly attack the other goal and get another player to add on to their attack from the side. As they attack the white defenders, two new red defenders go on the field for the next attack. Anytime the ball is lost or a shot is hit the ball goes in the other direction (keep a supply of balls in each goal).

The players will be working on attacking at speed, diagonal runs, defending with the purpose of taking away penetration and delaying, distribution and much more. In the beginning, the players will try to dribble the ball up the field when they win possession but will quickly learn to pass the ball up to the add on player in order to advance the ball quickly.

Some options you can add is that when the three attackers lose possession of the ball, they can high pressure in the offensive third of the field and if they win it there, they go to goal. This way, players are working on both the transition from defense to offense but also from offense to defense. Also, you can go 4 v 3 instead of 3 v 2 although I would strongly suggest starting small and then building up/

Typically, for this drill to work, you will have to describe it, then walk them through it a couple of times before they will understand it completely. Give it a try and let them really work on transition the right way.

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