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FineSoccer Drill 78 - Dribbling Game

This is a different type of version of the popular game kick out. The difference is that this is more game related and also does a better job of keeper all of the participants involved.

Start with a restricted space (for 15 players maybe 25 x 25 would do). If there are 15 players have 10 start dribbling soccer balls. The other 5 are working independently trying to win a ball from one of the 10 who started with a ball. If a player wins a ball, she tried to keep it and the player who lost the ball can try to win that ball back or to go after someone else's ball. At the end of a predetermined time period, the players who end up NOT having a ball lose.

This activity works on dribbling, moves, shielding, conditioning, field vision and defense. Plus, kids will have a blast playing it.

Consider playing this game 5 times for 2 minute periods each and keep track of the number of times each player ends up with a ball. This could give you, and the team, an idea of who is best at both holding onto the ball as well as who works the hardest.

One thing to consider is to keep changing the time periods or else smart players might allow themselves to lose the ball early and only work the last 30 seconds or so. If they don't know when the game might end, they have to work the whole time (however, the time must be predetermined or else it's easy to pick on one player and always end it when she doesn't have a ball).

While this might seem like a game more geared toward young player, try it with older players as well and I believe you will see that they get a great deal out of it as well.

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