AYSO Region 104


FineSoccer Drill 158 - 1 v 1 Competition

Here is a great way to work on 1 v 1 attacking in a competitive environment.

Start by assuming there are 16 players in this activity although it can be almost any number.

Set up fields that are 10 yards wide and 15 yards long with no goals. If there are 16 players, have 8 such fields. See diagram below for set up.

A player starts on each end line and Player X passes the ball to Player O. Player O tries to beat X with the dribble and scores a point by dribbling and stopping the ball on the end line that X is defending. If X wins the ball, X then tries to dribble and stop the ball on the end line that O is defending.

Any time the ball goes out of play, the person who it was off of starts with the ball on the end line they are defending and passes the ball to the opponent.

If a goal is scored, the players change directions and the person who has scored is passed the ball by the person who was scored upon. See diagram below

Games last 90 seconds and the winner stays on the same field and the loser rotates to the left. If it’s a tie score at the end of regulation it’s a sudden victory game (first one to score wins). The player with the best record at the end of the games is the winner.

This game works on 1 v 1 attacking and defending as well as fitness plus is a fun game for players of all ages.

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