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FineSoccer Drill 109 - Making Runs in the Box

Here is an interesting way to work on runs in the box and finishing under pressure.

This works best with 12 field players and 1 keeper although it certainly can be adapted for other numbers. Break the field players into 3 teams (X's, O's and Y's). The X's and O's start inside the 18 with a keeper in goal. The Y's are on the outside of the 18 as shown in the diagram below.

The X's start on offense and attack the goal with the O's defending. The X's can either go straight to goal or play a ball to any of the Y's who are restricted to one touch. The Y's can either play back to the X's or to another Y who then can find the X's making a run. If the O's win the ball they must take the ball over the top of the 18 at which point they turn and become the attacking team. If the keeper wins the ball (either by making a save or intercepting a pass) she plays the ball to the team that was on defense

Play a 5 minute game and then rotate so either the X's or O's go on the outside and the Y's play in the middle.

There are numerous variations in this type of game such as requiring some type of combination play in order to score a goal or an extra point is awarded for goals off of headers etc.

This exercise is a great way to work on runs in the box and not only is it a fun game to play but there are a lot of coachable moments being created regarding runs in the box in a short period of time.

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